What Is The Monty Hall Problem?

Monty Hall hosted the Let’s Make A Deal gameshow, on which a contestant tries to select the ’prize’ door from three doors. Once a door is chosen, one of the remaining two doors is revealed as a ’loser’. Then, before the ’prize’ door is revealed, the player has the option to keep their initial choice or switch to the other remaining unrevealed door.

The Monty Hall Problem asserts that after a losing door is revealed, switching one’s choice from the initially selected door to the other unknown door doubles one’s chances of selecting the prize door. The explanations of this argument, are logically sound. However, before fully unravelling the logic, I built a simple simulation to bear out or disprove the assertion.

For the simulation to demonstrate the switching-is-twice-as-likely-to-win assertion, simply run the simulation with "Always stick" selected and compare the results to "Always switch". Set the simulation to run more times for more average results.

Let’s use the...

Monty Hall Problem Simulator

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After dud is revealed, stick with original selection or switch to other door?

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Monty Hall Problem Simulation Results

Stat bar will display total wins / losses.