Baby Scientist Splash Panel

Here is some text about the Baby Scientist splash panel

The top three panels were drawn and colored in Photoshop, using a Wacom pad and stylus.  The panel frames,  speech balloons and text  were made in Illustrator.  Each panel was drawn separately and the page layout assembled in Illustrator.

The bottom “splash” panel was produced with slightly different process than the top panels.  First, the drawing was done with pencil on paper, then photographed and imported to the computer.  There, I opened it in Flash and drew the full color illustration with the pencil drawing as a guide.

I know there are a lot of Flash haters out there, and it has fallen out of favor (or out of existence) as a game / app building software.  However, I find that graphically it offers unique properties not available in Illustrator or Photoshop.  It draws like a paint program but creates vector artwork that offers certain editability not available with raster graphics.  Flash’s graphics editor feels like a hybrid between raster and vector that is perfectly suitable for highly graphical drawn artwork.  I find Photoshop the better drawing choice for more painterly artwork.