promo animation- Amazon Prime Series, We Might Be Superheroes

design- Splash Miami

illustration – Pale Sidewalks

website- BAWAR

Collision Test

Miniature Golf

after effects animation- Stupid Text Singalong

Drawing – pencil

web app – Spinner betting game

branding- Stronstadium poker tournament

kinetic text music video- Bunnies in the Suburbs

illustration – Pale Sidewalks

Baby Scientist- Action!

Sir William Walrus

Baby Scientist- Working Late

Baby Scientist- Alone

website- Newgistics

branding- Resonant Digital

website- Tacit Knowledge

after effects animation- Video Production Logos

animation- Software Process: Peak Ready, Tacit Knowledge

email newsletter- National Association of Independent Schools, SSS

animation- Faith Saves the Ice Cream

web application- Biggeye Mosaic

Movie Poster- We Might Be Superheroes

Presentation Diagram

Presentation Diagram

infographic- hybris/fastly data service

Software Process Visualization

Software Function Visualization Diagram

website- We Might Be Superheroes

poster- amazon prime splash screen – We Might Be Superheroes

Diagram number Six

Baby Scientist Splash Panel